Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tomo: My own DSLR

I got myself a Canon EOS 1100D or Rebel T3, a late birthday present from myself. Whohoo!

I haven't got a chance to assimilate the DSLR's functions yet but I have a whole month of April to do that. I'm going on vacation and for sure you'll be seeing lots of posts and pictures about it later.

So for now, meet my Tomo, meaning friend in Japanese since I'm sure we'll go along way together.

How much did it cost me?

I got a great bargain since the retail price is 2,699 AED with 2 lens and the usual freebies like carrying case and 4GB SDHC card (from 3 electronic shops) . I found one shop where I haggle and got it at 2,550 AED (cash no CC or DC) with additional freebies like carrying case, tripod, 8GB Ultra SDHC card and another 8GB SDHC card.

Complete package
Canon EOS 1100D
EF-S 18-55mm IS II lens
EF 75-300mm
Carry Case
8GB Ultra SDHC card
8GB SDHC card

2550 AED ≈ 29700 PHP ≈ 700 USD


  1. Congrats on your new baby! Hope to see photos from Tomo soon! :)

  2. just in time for your vaction .we will wait for your photos

  3. wow.. ang mura ng bili mo ha.. welcome to the work of canonista.. hahahha....
    how we can work together on my project...

    1. tama, 2 lens kit na.. all for just 29K... galeng :) ako I still need to do more studies for my photography hobby...medyo busy sa work eh :( wala time mg picture2x


  4. wow! looking forward to see your photo shoots :)

    am also eyeing for a dslr but for the meantime i am contented with my digicam :)

  5. congrats to your dslr, can't wait to see all the pics you will take :D

  6. Hello Tomo, You are on the right track it's actually a reward for your years of hardwork in ME, more photo please

  7. *drool* enjoy your new toy! that's indeed a great deal. i wish to buy a Canon underwater camera as well this year.

  8. yay! congrats sis!

    hi Tomo, should you meet Deborah, my DSLR cam too ;)

  9. I love how you refer to your new camera your "friend" - that's what I call my new tablet. Enjoy! :)

  10. Wow a new toy!! Congrats!! Looking forward to your photos... Keep on shooting! ;)

  11. Someday I am going to have one. For now, I am satisfied to keep it in my wishlist.

  12. This gadget is indeed a good investment. Congrats!

  13. wow! congrats! i'm also wanting to buy one as a reward for myself. im targeting a Nikon 5100. :)