Monday, March 12, 2012


Let the hunt begin!

At Burjuman Center (forgot the name of the store)

Nikon D3000

Nikon D3100

At EMax, Reef Mall

 Nikon D3100

Canon EOS-1100

I am also open on buying a second hand DSLR since I don't know if this (photography thing) is just a whim or a real thing.

I checked the local site for new and used items and got offers for

Nikon 3100 - 1,999 AED
Nikon 300 - 1,800 AED (lowered to 1,600 AED)

both used for less than a year, with lens and carry case.

Which is a good deal? It's too complicated!

Conversion Rate:
1 AED = 11.6 PHP

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  1. Let me share to you my knowledge about DSLR. Before purchasing either the two. Please ask the owners about the shutter life of the cameras. That's very important cause it's useless if you buy DSLR that is second but then you'll gonna use it in a short period of time. Hope this helps! :)