Sunday, March 11, 2012

I dream of DSLR

I suddently had an urge to buy a DSLR asap!

Well, I was planning to buy one maybe by May or June after I recuperate from the expenses I made and will make on my vacation come April. It was supposed to be a late birthday gift for myself (March 6) but then some extra cash came up. I was not expecting a bonus this year because of the financial crisis not just our company faced but globally. It was much less than what we usually get (compared to my first 2 years) but still any amount is welcome!

So last night and today I searched for newbie friendly DSLR and found this list

Canon Rebel T3i
Canon Rebel T2i
Nikon 3100
Nikon 3000
Pentax K-x
Sony Alpha SLT-A55
Olympus E-520

Which one is the best pick? Need inputs on cost vs function.


  1. i am forever biased with canon! @_@

  2. I have the same dilemma as yours when my digicam was stolen a year ago. I am using Nikon D5000. :)

  3. sino ba naman ang hindi gusto dslr, lahat naman ata

  4. I'm a photography enthusiast too, but so far I can control pa the need to buy a dslr. Hehe. At the moment for me it's not worth it, I'm still ok and well satisfied with my bridge camera. Specially when you're Travelling it is not easy to carry around heavy gadgets. And the performance of my bridge camera is sometimes even better than the shots I can see from dslr users.. Just my 2 cents... And lens is so so expensive too one thing I'm not willing to spend for, for now.. ;)

  5. Hello there!I am a Nikon D3100 user. I think in Nikon D3100 you will find all what you need. It is an entry-level DSLR that has 14mp CMOS sensor, full HD video (1920x1080 movie recording), ability to shoot Raw + Fine JPEG, live view and more all of that in a very cheap price. My bf bought mine in England for P35,000 (ForEx P70 GBP) as a present. If you want proof or want to see my portfolio then visit my photo blog.

  6. i don't have a dslr but if money is not an issue, i'd buy myself a nikon =)

  7. I am using D3000 but I wanna buy a new one. Yung mie video na. :) But I wont dispose my old cam. Hehehe. I love Nikon, definitely Ill buy a Nikon again. Ipn ipon muna. :)

  8. Some say Nikon is cool too but still I'd say ...I'm still happy with my Canon. :)

  9. haven't you tried Googling for canon dslr cameras? i am a canon user... ;D biased? not really!LOL!

    ~GAGAY, late dropping from FBW ;| ~

  10. Get the Canon 550D or 600D instead and I'll tell you where to study photography the fun way. XD

  11. ayayay!!! i'm drooling for cameras! a lot of travel bloggers told me to go for lumix.. i've tried one last week, it's really good but kinda expensive.

    i've tried 500D, don't go for it coz there's no video recording feature.. 550D have one (i think)... but 600D is drooling!!!!

  12. Oh DSLR camera! It's one of a kind I wanted to buy for a long time but no budget yet.

    Seems Canon is good. It's my camera brand. lol!

    Sorry this is a late visit

    Jhoveleen from FBW.

  13. I got my first DSLR camera last Christmas and I fall in love to my Canon T3 although im just using a basic lense but not bad at all its good for beginner like me :)

    Here is my post.

    - Travel Quest

  14. If you want to go for Nikon and have money to spend go for the D5100 it has the same sensor as the D7000(very good one)

    If you want to go for Canon on the other hand, I strongly recommend you go for the 550d, the only difference between 550d and 600d is their screen 600D's screen tilts and could be used for video recording. Plus 550d is cheaper :D

    1. misleading info sorry, both 550d and 600d can be used to record videos, but I find the tilt screen of the 600d more useful when taking videos