Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Sims Social 102: Relationships

I guess this is the difference with other Sims games, because at FB you have to literally be social. You have to ask every single thing and in order to do that you have to ask your friends to be neighbors.

Once accepted as a neighbor, you have to visit their houses and do 5 acts to complete the daily visit and be given extra energy and social points. As you continuously visits your neighbor, you built rapport and level up to friends, close friends, dating or even enemy? I haven't tried the enemy part or if there even is, but if you insult and keep on insulting your neighbor it will result as awkward friends. I'll keep on insulting one of my neighbor so I could tell you what's the next level.

A dating sims started as usual friends and level up if you keep on flirting and insinuating things. But before that a permission or approval is asked first. Then it will be official that the two sims are dating, they can kiss, smooch and do the woohoo! Which is equivalent to sex, not that visual though. Don't get me wrong, I am not disappointed but kind of more alarmed since kids can play The Sims Social too.

Good thing is only official dating sims can do the woohoo. But not only limited to opposite sex but also to same sex. My friends tried it and yes they can do the woohoo too.

Should we expect babies at The Sims Social soon?


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