Friday, October 21, 2011

Meet Momo My iPad

I had Momo September of last year and still love her to bits. Although iPad2 is out already in the market I don’t have any plans of getting a new one, let’s say for another year.

My LV iPad Cover

 The cover is fake, but my iPad isn't

With thousands of iPad applications out in the market, I may say I can live with only 20. I had 64GB and barely used a quarter of the capacity. I don’t download much songs or videos on it since I have a separate iPod for music and laptop for movies, all I do with Momo is to browse, play and read ebooks.

Only downside is it is not compatible with Java or Flash applications that’s why I cannot play FB games here. Although some games already made iPad apps that can be connected to FB profile, but still it’s not the same.

My favorite iPad applications
Manga Rock
Plants vs Zombie
Angry Birds
Smurf’s Village
Tap Zoo
Trade Nation
Yahoo Messenger

Most of these are free apps or if I did paid for some it cost less than $10.

I have yet to upgrade it to iOS5.


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