Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone4S it is!

I've been hearing about it in the grapevine but never really took any interest with the possiblitity of an iPhone4S release because I was bent on waiting for iPhone5. And since the Apple event announced the release of iPhone4S instead, what should I do? Wait again indefinitely?

NO! I decided to get the new iPhone4S, for a minute I want to boycott Apple and buy another smartphone instead but decided against it. I badly need a new one.

Now, I have to wait maybe another month for iPhone4S to be available here in UAE. It will be released on October 14 in the US.

So what's new with iPhone4S?

* 8 megapixel camera
* A5 dual core processor (same with iPad2)
* revamped antenna (iOS will intelligently switch between two sets to avoid drop calls)
* with Siri virtual assistant (a first in Apple handset)

Same exernal features with iPhone4.


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