Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blogger Apps

This is one of the first apps I downloaded on my new iPhone 4S. It goes to show I am first a blogger than a gamer.

List of all my blogger blogs

List of recent posts for GGG!

I find it harder to type using the small keypad but I'll get use to this and now I can blog anywhere!


  1. I cant say much about this kasi wala pa akong iPhone.. Siguro pag meron na may ma iishare na ako

  2. This is my Christmas wish: to have an iPhone. Haha. Anyway, very helpful post. :)

  3. I dont have an iphone either :( But this is pretty helpful. Can you upload photos to your blog post as well?

  4. Cool. I downloaded too photography blogs on my iPad. It looks like you know what you really want based on what you downloaded. :) Im from Sining Factory. I just cant link my site on my name. :)

  5. cool....super cool..parang gusto ko na mag ka iPhone agad agad...hehehe..inggit much....

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  7. very cool apps. kasama sa wishlist ko yan ! iPHONE

  8. Gosh, ang hirap mag type. I tried sa iPad but sumuko na ako. Maybe I just need a bit more patience.
    Nice phone you have there. :)
    Visiting from BC Bloggers.